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  Jawbone aka quijadacharrasca

               A percussion instrument:
The Americas

The jawbone of a horse, mule, or donkey, with its teeth left in, is played throughout the Americas; its use among coastal Peruvians of African descent goes back to the 18th century. In the United States it has been used in Louisiana and the Carolinas. Some traces of the jawbone come for Africa and South American.  In spanis The quijadacharrasca, or jawbone (in English), is an idiophone percussion instrument made from the jawbone of a donkey, horse, mule, or cattle, producing a powerful buzzing sound. The jawbone is cleaned of tissue and dried to make the teeth loose and act as a rattle. It is used in music in most of Latin America, including Mexico, Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador, and Cuba. It was also historically used in the early American minstrel show.

Western African idiophones introduced into the Americas with the slave trade are still flourishing. Clappers that originated among the Yoruba of Nigeria are played in Cuba; the claves, a pair of cylindrical percussion sticks of Haiti and Cuba, are standard equipment in Western rhythm bands. The xylophone may already have entered the Western Hemisphere in pre-Columbian times. Known chiefly as the marimba, it has been accepted in Western musical culture. Bells frequently figure as Vodou ritual instruments in Caribbean and Afro-Brazilian communities. In Cuba water gourds are played at funeral rites for Cubans of African heritage. 

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Searching for the old jawbone

44067533 1631898306915493 8098807323675328512 nAbner Jay doing handbone with His Daughter on Jawbone

44088679 1631898460248811 6834853604432543744 n 1Abner Jay and his daughter, Brandie, playing Rattle of the Bones27332338 1337888942983099 1201218796066436947 n
Don Grooms, Chief Jim Billie, Dennis Devine, Wayne Martin,
and Cubby Whitehead on the Jaw Bone

Cubby Whitehead performing at the 1985 Florida Folk Festivalfa4514 1Cubby Whitehead - Master Jawbone Player and Dancer

JawboneIMG10683BDennis Devine carrying on the tradition of playing the Jawbone